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I got an X5 this week. 06 sport with 76k on the clock. It's been immense to be fair.

Today however I took it out, it's freezing here and the roads are not particularly great, plenty of snow about etc. Everything was fine under 30mph but as soon as I put my foot down and hit 40+ the thing was shuddering as if the wheels were out of balance! It felt like driving over a succession of speed bumps. Dropped below 30 and it was smooth again.

Parked up for 10 mins and had a look around, no warning lights or anything untoward. Took it on the motorway and it was driving perfect. No juddering or anything. Took it back over the same roads and it'd stopped, drove like a dream!

Could this be a transmission issue? something to do with how cold it is perhaps? Do I need to get this thing warmed up in the sort of weather we're currently having here in the UK?

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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