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Hi Everyone,

I have a Parking Light Bulb failure: apart from the usual failure warning a simple check of the lights confirms the fault (the drivers side "angel" or "Halo" rings are not light on the one side. I have search loads of forums but all are concerned with upgrading: however my question is simple... How do you change the bulb? My X5 is non Xenon has I have confirmed that the parking light bulb sits in what appears to be a black rectangular box between the low and high beam bulb covers. I can just about see the box and securing screws, so it appears to be a very difficult task without removing the headlight unit.
So I guess the issue is, do I have to remove the headlight unit or can it be done in-situ, and if the headlight has to be removed, does the bumper have to come off?

I read on an american post that a guy did it in-situ, but he does say how. Any help is gratefully received.
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