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I have a 2010 X5 35d and a couple of days ago I went to get in and the remote would not unlock the doors.

The symptoms were:
Metal key in lock opened drivers door only.
Starts and drives.
Unlock button on dash did not unlock doors.
Other 3 doors would not open from inside or out.
Powered tailgate would open.
Fuel flap did not unlock.
Indicators do flash while trying to unlock. (assumed this is alarm deactivation)
Key fob will lock car after unlock with metal key.
Checked spare key, same issue.

Assumed key battery was ok as it locked the car.
Assumed fuse was OK as car would lock on fob, so there must be power to central locking. This turned out to be my mistake. :mad

Checked all fuses listed for central locking in boot space, all OK

Access to front fuse box with passenger door locked is VERY difficult, but if you recline seat and lay upside down you can just get there. This is what I learned and why I am writing this post.

Fuse 27 is to lock the doors
Fuse 28 is to unlock the doors

Fuse 28 had blown, swapped it with 27 unlocked the doors and fell out of the door. Much easier to access fuse box now. Replaced fuse and all good.

I spent hours on forums, google and Youtube and no one had mentioned there are two circuits, lock and unlock fuses. I hope this post will help someone in the future.

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Thank you man, you saved my life this morning 😀
Had the same problem, and watched all bmw forums for a solution. Finally I decided to go to the garages. One proposed me a diagnostic of 130€/h VAT excluded only to find the problem.
The cheaper I found took 49€ for diagnostic and gave me a repair quote of 552€ VAT excl. He told that the device holding the fuses must be replaced and then software reinitialised. Agreed and made an appointment for repair this morning.
But when I arrived he told that he forgot to order the device, so I have to wait another couple of days...
Bach home angry and frustrated and started again to search the internet. And, God bless you man, found your comment! 😃 Had very very hard to access the fuses, but finally made it. The blue one was blown.
Managed to replace it and now I can open/close doors normally.
If you came one day to Brussels I’ll be offering you dozens of beers 😆
Thank you again!
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