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Hi folks,

I started car the other day and waited for it to heat up, temp gauge half way, no sign of steam or overheating, but noticed heater wasn't blowing hot. Drove for a couple of miles, then had check coolant level warning. Suspecting low coolant hence cold cabin, i returned home and to my surprise i noticed the radiator was a dark mixture of oil and water. I checked the oil level, which was just about off the dipstick (no oil level warning) and no sign of coolant in the oil. I'm pretty sure its not tranny oil in the coolant, but engine oil, as this would make sense with the low dipstick reading. Ive bought the oil cooler, and filter housing gaskets, as hoping this could be the source of oil getting into the coolant system. Unfortunately there is also signs of emulsified oil in the oil cap, pointing heavily to Head Gasket Failure which I'm told is very unusual to have or a cracked head, but I'm clinging to hope its the cooler gasket. Just wondering has anyone had a similar issue?. The mileage is 141k with the M57 motor.

Any info greatly appreciated

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