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Hi all.

Shortening a very long story, we’ve been down in Pairs for 4 days and drove my car (X4 F26 35d). On boarding the tunnel the car started smoking and burning oil. This was after a ~250 miles drive down. The level has now dropped from full (max) to between max and min.
The car has been faultess the past 3000 miles. Oil was changed 3000 miles ago when I bought the car, (genuine BMW grade Castrol) and the level has not dropped once in that time.

Breakdown took over and the car went to BMW Calais to be plugged in and found no codes just confirmed it’s burning oil etc. So said it’s likely something more severe.

My initial thought is a failed turbo, we did 3 hours down to Folkestone just sat at 70/75. Car still drove fine, no obvious noises etc.

The car will now be towed to the garage I purchased it from as I have full warranty. Again, kudos RAC breakdown.

My question is, any common faults, or would you suggest a turbo failure?

The car is a 15 plate with 68k miles.

Thanks all.
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