19" winter wheels and tyre for current generation X3 and X4.

BMW V-Spoke 691 X3 G01 X4 G02 Winter Wheels 19 Inch Styling 691 rims

They came with a used X3 M40d that I recently bought from a main BMW dealership but as I live in Staffordshire they won't get used. A bit of a strange story but the car came into the dealers with the winter wheels and tyres fitted but no standard wheels. As part of the deal I was told it would have a new set of 21" wheels as it was originally built with the M Sport Pro Pack. Anyway the dealer got it wrong and fitted 20" wheels so I negotiated the winter wheels and tyres as part of the deal.

The wheels are pretty much unmarked with just a few small to the inside face of the rims. In the first picture there is a feather stuck to the rim, it is not damage :)

Collection from Stone, Staffordshire or you can arrange for a courier to collect.

I may not have posted on the forum before but have had BMW's since 2003 and currently run 640d GC and a E86 Coupe as my fun car. The X3 is my wife's car.