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E92 coupe 330d (previously E46 touring, E91 touring, E82 coupe)
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How tall is the boot (floor to roof) in the G01 X3? What I need to know is whether I'd be able to load the Canyon bike box (dimensions at the bottom of this link: Canyon TRANSPORT Signature Pro Bike Bag ) upright with one seat only folded, as per drawing below (box dimensions given in centimetres).
I want to travel with my wife and a little one around Europe and take my race bike worth over £10k, so inside the car only and maximum protection. I'd much rather buy a 3 series touring but if the bike box would fit this way in an X3 - that's a huge selling point for me.

I can't find these dimensions anywhere online and I'd very much appreciate if someone can measure this. The height is the one I'm concerned about.
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