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BMW X1 (e84) 23d Xdrive mSport
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Hi there, newbie with a problem here!

Because of the covid lockdown(s) my car hasn't really gone anywhere for the last few months and when it did I was getting some weird battery error messages and also the satnav (pro navigation) started acting up - my location would "drift" so that I was in the next street, then the few miles away etc... at one point I was a couple of miles out to sea lol

A couple of days ago I was sat in traffic and the iDrive screen went red for a few seconds and then shutdown... and that's it - dead. Sometimes I get the red screen but most of the time just black with no sound or anything. I've checked for loose wires + the fact the nav was already having problems I've diagnosed it as "dead".

I've emailed a few "repairers" and they have all basically said it sounds like it's beyond economical repair and to replace it. So I pulled the old unit from the car and got the part number and looked on eBay - £400 (not bad I suppose) but then I believe it's going to need coding to the car and then the nav etc activating? (and the part on eBay is slightly newer so I think it's harder to do)

But it also seems like an ideal time to think about something more modern? My current screen is a bit scratched so maybe something android based or something like that but all the "units" I have seen have been boxes that sit between the CIC and the screen and because my CIC is dead I am guessing those won't be an option...

I don't want to spend BIG on this as it's a 10yr old car but I do want something nice with ApplePlay if possible or just options on getting the CIC repaired or replaced if anyone knows anywhere that does this kind of thing? I would get the eBay unit right now but I know very little about coding and don't want to screw it up!

Thanks in advance!
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