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O.k. so last time i posted i had got into debt and had to sell my loved BMW...
I spent quite a bit of money (for me) improving the steering / 'looks' / engine. I didn't do anything major-just the sort of things any good car owner should have done before me. (New shocks/thermometre/wishbones/ect ect.
So i will soon be getting another E36 :D:rofl This time i intend to get one that is in reasonable condition.
My question to you is:
What would you do to a car to make it drive 'like new' because although the car may seem alright-after 10 years (depending on previous owners) of wear and tear they could all do with some TLC.
I know that a GOOD service is in order.
Wishbones checked/replaced-what other ss/steering parts?
Upgraded batttery can be a good option
HT leads are 'a must'
What would you do to get your car in 'top condition'? Would you go as far as
taking the injectors out and sending them to be cleaned?
Thanks for your answers i'm really interested to hear your opinions and reasins why!;)

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I always do the wishbones, tie-rods, shocks and bushes. I just think it makes so much difference to the feel of the car. And full service even if it doesnt need it. I just like to know ive done everything. :cool
Water pump and stat too.

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My car was somewhere in the sales thread (but its now sold to a local chap), the list included some of the following. I would always do the following to an older car or a car with some mileage on it to ensure it runs exactly as new and put lower mileage cars to shame;


- New 02 sensor
- New Camshaft Sensors
- New Crankshaft Sensor
- Manually strip & clean fuel injectors + new seals
- New Thermostat & Water Temp Sensor


- Oil Service
- Plugs
- Filters
- New Gearbox Oil
- New Diff Oil
- New brake fluid
- Coolant Change
- New Power Steering Fluid
- Check all vacuum hoses/rubber pipes for perishing/splits/deterioration
- Check/replace all brake lines
- Fuel pump relay


- new suspension bushes front & rear (control arm/wishbone, steering, ARB, trailing etc)
- new shocks front & rear
- new springs front & rear
- new mounts, links and joints

Sounds like a lot, can be hideously expensive but i would do this over say the first year, but always in teh section listed above with the service and suspension bushes being the very first items along with the fuel injectors.
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