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Hi guys, not been on here for sometime but I’ve been asked by an elderly guy I know what his car might be worth, here’s what I know about it, it’s 1998 f reg red 2 door manual with 88k, he has owned it for around the last 20 years, it’s all original bodywork and has electric windows, central locking, sunroof, even has a working original electric aerial.
The car is very solid from what I can see the engine bay and boot floor are mint and the only defects I can see are he has touched up a light scrape on the passenger front wheel arch , not very well, there is a very small dent behind the drivers corner of the rear bumper, a small bit of paint bubbling at the closing corners of both front doors and a small amount of the usual thread wear on the drivers seat otherwise it’s in excellent condition for its age.

Any ideas on what this would be worth as he’s hit the time in his life when he’s giving up driving and isn’t sure what to do with it.

Thanks in advance for any info
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