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Many people, including myself, are often quick to criticise BMW drivers, usually because they are failing to indicate and being driven in an agressive manner. So I feel it is only fair to praise people who are driving well. And thought I would register on here to thank you.

I followed a 1 series (an M140i I think? - Not an expert on BMW's - sorry) for about 25 miles northbound on the M1 just south of Derby on Sunday (18th November 2018 - around midday). Unfortunately I cannot make out your numberplate from the footage on my dash cam, as the sun was reflecting quite badly off the back of your car and I was never close enough to be able to read it on the video.

May I salute your driving. You showed superb lane discipline, always straight back in to lane 1 when not overtaking, indicated every time, lights on when driving through smoke (presumably some idiot burning something in a field). Kept your distance from the vehicles in front and kept within the speed limit. Well done, an example to many.

Hopefully you will recognise your own car if you're a member on here:
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