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Hi everyone,

Firstly thanks for everyone coming! I'd like to share our latest news and offers with all members in this section, hope you all enjoy yourself here!

Then I'll introduce the background of Maxspeedingrod. It is a manufacturer with over 10 years experience in motor engineering industry, striving to provide you the high quality auto parts with affordable price and excellent customer service. With the combination of advanced manufacturing techniques, professional and innovative staff, and continuous programmers investment, we are standing here as a reliable team for any tuning projects. And we always believe that quality is the fundamental and overarching principle drives us to excellence. No compromise, only the best for you!

Our business is now engaged in conrods, engine crankshaft, cam gears, turbocharger, suspension coilover, intake & exhaust manifold, ignition coils, intercooler piping kits, pulleys etc. And new parts are always being introduced from time to time.

Mail:[email protected]

Whatever you need, please just come to us and we will always provide you with the best!
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