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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a beige leather seat for my e46. Ideally from the side where the passenger sits in the UK, so it won't be too worn. I live in mainland Europe, so it'll be enough if you take the leather cover off the seat and post that to me, because posting a whole seat wouldn't be practical...

This type of seat:

I'm aslo looking for the following interior parts also in hellbeige 2:

- Both front door cards (sedan) undammaged. (
- Inner door seals (the doorseals stuck to the body of the car)
- Right door sill (from the drivers point of view)

I'm also looking for these parts:

- Undammaged oak shifter knob (5 speed)
- 1 Number 40 security lug nut (36131181280)
- Wheel alignment stud

If anyone has some of thse parts please let me know, I'll pay for the postage and compansate you for your time. :thumbsup
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