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BMW E60 530d SE Business Edition
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I ve had my E60 LCI for about 7 weeks now, and my only niggle was it hasnt got Logic7 sound, the standard Premium Sound is lacking in power although am 56 I still like a bit of boost in my tunes(Old Rave Dude), I sort of looked into it but quickly realised it wasnt an easy fix or cheap, or so I thought.

Now up until getting my BM I ve always listened to tunes on CD, but I ve had an iPod which was given to me 11yrs ago, and never been used in the car. As the BM is not fitted with a multidisc changer, I realised that the best way to have multiple Artists etc was to use my iPod, so i dutifully changed my source from CD to iPod.
I am a retired IT Profesional(Geek), so dont tend to do things on a PC the way most of you will, I dont like Apple and its control of your downloads etc, so although I have iTunes on my PC, its only there as a tool for formatting and other hardware functions with my iPod.
I use a free media manager called MediaMonkey, a far better program with alot of abilities compared to iTunes, although some of you maybe be intimated by what appears to be a complex user interface (After a bit of use you will find it logical enough) Tip Always read the screen on your PC its the biggest cause of cockups not reading the info in front of you.

MediaMonkey has a function called Volume Levelling, which does exactly that, it levels the volume of all your tunes on your PC so you dont have to mess about turning volume up & down with different tracks on your PC, iPod etc. But you can adjust the level in decibels thru the options, and by increasing the level you increase the output to your Cars stereo, thereby increasing the volume available in the car without spending lots of ££ on new equipment.

It does have limits dont go increasing limit to 120db you will pop your speakers, but since most downloaded tracks are at about 87db ish you can go upto 104db without too much risk, this will in effect give you about 30% more volume on your standard BM sound system, this trick will also work if you burn your own CDs via MediaMmonkey as it takes the info of the track stored on Mediamonkey to the CD.
I hope this helps those of you who want a bit more volume but dont want to spend/waste ££ on new Amps etc etc. If you want more info or struggle with this please feel free to ask quetions Am happy to try and help non IT people.

Happy bass beat monsters, oh turn the bass down on your car system that gets increased at same time and can pop a speaker also
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