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I need to replace the valve cover gasket on my 2007 3.0 Si N52 engine done 60,000 miles. We have had this car for 3 years now and I have only had to change the starter motor and clean the vanos solenoids.
So although I am comfortable working on the engine, I need to get all the advise that I can. There are some good videos on you tube and its clear that the N52 is more complicated than the M54.
Apologies in advance for any stupid questions, but I'm an oldie whose experience is on cars before ECU, multiple ignition coils and fuel injection. ( Ford Capri was so simple!)

So here we go
I believe my car has a magnesium valve cover ( X3's with the N52 had plastic?)
The multiple bolts (21 I think) that hold the valve cover down are aluminium.
Q1. Do i need to change these. If so why?
Q2 Should I change the valve tronic motor gasket?
The gasket kit from BMW is £50 and I think only has valve cover gasket and the round ones that go around the spark plugs (tube seals)
Q3. Is there a kit of parts available with all gaskets and screws that are needed?
When removing the valve tronic motor one video shows winding the 4mm Allen bolt which disconnects the motor from the worm drive clockwise and one shows anti clockwise.
Q4. Which way should it be wound to release the motor?
Cylinder sleeves/aluminium tubes / ignition coil tubes not sure how to refer to these or what they should be called.
Q5. The videos show removing these tubes. I don't understand why. Surely they can stay in the valve cover
Q6. Videos say the vent hose often breaks trying to undo it. Is this the case? Worth getting one in case?

I know it's a lot of questions, but your help and advice if you have done this gasket is appreciated.

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