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Hello, I am thinking about remapping my car.

2013 BMW Series 1, Diesel, F20-F21 , 116d - 114 bhp

I`m interested what my option would be. Honestly I`ve been researching the remapping process and got a little worried form all the horror stories I read. So I dont know which garage to trust with it at this point.

UPDATE: I spoke with a few tuning garages and I was told they do not advise doing the remapping at this point , because the software is not stable and would shut the engine down. Apparently they are still trying to crack the code, but no idea when it will be safe. Any info on this?

So any information is welcome.


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Who where the tuners who said this to you lol are they using clone China tools ???

It's not a problem to remap your 116d if it's the 1.6d engine then I normally see around the 160-165bhp
If it's the 2.0d then 175-185bhp that's tested before and after on my Dyno dynamics rolling road

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