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Hi people. Sure a few people on here may recognise the name :coolbeen awhile since i was around.

Name is Ian, 23 year old form Newcastle. Work in a main dealers fixing Kia and Fiat and i am the sales prep tech too so get to work and prep alot of varied cars.

Used to own a 316 ise 'loon with a few tarted up parts on it. Sold that awhile ago and got a nice little Punto sporting. Had that for a year or so and had that looking smart and had it full of ICE. Sorry no pics on these :(
After that bought my L200 and was enjoy driving a nice 4x4. 6month after having it, i decided it need modifying.


If people are intrested i can do a build up thread for it :D

With that being my main toy, i have a run around still for work etc .. Which is making way for a BMW when i get my bum into gear -

Thats all folks ...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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