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Hi All,

The Record breaking lap at the Nurburg Ring was set in 1983, by Steffan Bellhof in a Porsche 956 ! It has not been beaten in nearly 35 years ! It was an amazing time of 6m11.13 !!

We made a little tribute video from a lap I did, and we sped it up to the record breaking time to give an idea of the speed. (The actual Steffan Bellhof original one keeps getting removed from You Tube, by the content owners).

As I still can't remember all the corner names, we added those in , to help others learn too ! You can test yourself !

The full blog post can be found here, which has some info about him, and the Nurburg Ring itself.

Steffan Bellhof - Record Breaking lap at the Nurburg Ring - TMS Motorsport

If you just want to watch the video, look here!

All Coments welcomed

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