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Sup all, I've previously owned a hydro 130i M Sport and recently picked up an example 330i SE. A bit of a change, but I needed an estate.

Anyway, on the test drive this morning (up and down the road), the car felt fine. But now after driving it much more today, I've got a huge concern with the steering. Turning left is 100% smooth, as you'd expect. But turning right, the wheel gets to about 100 degree in it's turn circle and becomes VERY heavy for a lump then becomes fine again. As though nothing assists it. This varies some times and can happen multiple times throughout the right turn to lock, but it's always only on the right turning. Left is always smooth and consistent.

I bought from a dealership that gave me 3 months/3000 miles warranty, I'm taking it to my best mates tomorrow who is a bit more mechanical than me to have a gander. But thought I'd ask incase it was a common issue or something obvious?

Also, the dealer mentioned he had to top up the coolant and the previous owner (1 owner, FULL service history) also mentioned he had to top up coolant often, I can't see any visible leaks, is it worth me asking them to fix this under the warranty as well?

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