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Introducing the new Performance Coilover Kit from ZF Sachs Race Engineering...

RRP: £1400
SPECIAL PRICE: £950 inc. VAT!!!

Contact us for further info: 01748 831200, [email protected],

Upside-down, monotube coilover suspension systems from ZF Sachs Race Engineering offer racing quality components for the road.

Greater ground clearance is needed in winter, while in summer and also for track use, it makes sense to lower the vehicle by 40 – 60mm. In order to ensure sufficient spring path for these two different applications, special coilover suspensions were developed that allow the vehicle to be tuned for the respective operating mode. These coilover suspensions are as superbly suited for tough snow and ice conditions as they are for trackday and circuit use. The Sachs Performance coilover suspension features 2 adjustment parameters, so rebound and compression damping can e varied via a dial with 20 clicks. Damper characteristics can thus be simply and conveniently adjusted to meet individual requirements without dismantling the car’s wheel-end system.

The 20 stage adjustable damping allows drivers to adapt their suspension systems to specific driving surfaces, tyres and tyre pressures. This adjustment is achieved using a bypass on the piston for both rebound and compression.

Sachs Performance suspension kits are sold as complete boxed units and comprise the following:

2 x upside down front-axle monotube dampers with height and performance adjustment
2 x front-axle springs
2 x upside down rear-axle monotube dampers with height and performance adjustment
2 x rear-axle springs
TÜV certification
Sachs Performance suspension systems offer many advantages over the competition in terms of operation and build quality:

Adjustable rebound and compression forces via a bypass on the piston
Adjustment unit with precise gradation
Suspension struts with an upside down design
Continuously variable height adjustment within the range authorised by the TÜV
Height adjustment with trapezoidal threading for a long service life (very dirt resistant)
Optimised compression stops
Complete, ready to install solution

Optimised, high quality friction bearings and seals
High-grade, high-strength racing springs
OE-tested seal and friction bearing systems
OE-tested piston systems
Hardened, chromium-plated piston rods
High-grade corrosion protection
Rapid responsiveness
Broad adjustment range
Light weight
Superb handling and ride quality
Rapid assembly
Low-cost installation

All Sachs Performance suspension systems are extensively tested on the Nürburgring by Sachs’ highly qualified and experienced development engineers.
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