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Bmws of all types. If anyone fancys a meet up at Rest Bay in porthcawl south Wales at 11Am on 14th July can attend. All Welcome all ages any Gender the more the better. Our first meet today went brilliant but weather spoilt it for loads who couldnt attend but we need more and more people to come for this date. Youl be able to chat to fab people who know and can tell you everyhting relating to any problem or anything you want to ask about your cars we will know it. BBQ and yes some cans will be allowed on this meet. also a diagnostics kit free of charge. Remember drink sensibly and drive safe. There will be many publics of women and children around so respect them and their safety. not only will this meet be fun and exciting it will educate you all on everything Its apselutaly amazing. You will see cars that you've never seen or experienced before because not only did it come out standard from factories alot of them have been modernised and kitted so come and join us and make this known all over wales and the uk. There will be Bmws of all ages and possibly we may go national with it if we have more people to turn up.

Fab people who will help and know everything are


come on guys this is something you dont want to miss. we want this to be big and I know you guys do to lets give 2012 the best year than anyother year. this year is a big year and year to remember. Turn up in your 100s-1000s People will enjoy

see you all soon and take care. Have a good day. Please note if anyone prefers a new date or time due to work or anything please let me know by the 14th of July. Thank you look forward to seeing you all All please reply and leave messages to let us know if your going Thank you
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