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Hi everyone Im kinda new to this forum ... Hope someone can help...

Right, I own a Bmw 530D 2005 for about 4 years now no major probs...apart exhaust manifold replaced with e 39 one, Dpf removed remap etc... :)))

I was driving for about three weeks with a split INTERCOOLER EGR TURBO BOOST HOSE .Today I replaced it with a new one.Obviously there was a lot of oil on and around alternator (was quite a big split). After changing the hose I tried to clean the excess oil with brake cleaner ..... well,so I thought.. :)
After driving for about 12mile, The crankshaft /alternator/power steering, BELT torn in pieces ... No noise,nothing unusual .First thing came up as Battery not charging or something like that then No power steering...
I was recovered to a garage were a new belt was fitted. I drove home from the garage approximately 2 miles and noticed something strange... When I accelerate hard then suddenly brake theres like a short rattle noise ,towards the front of the car No vibrations

I really appreciate all the help and advice thanks
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