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Hi, first post, be gentle. Placed this in general forum as issue applies to different models as well as E39

Basically, screenwash power was getting weak and took a 3-4 seconds before anything came out. Now, barely anything comes out.

So main screenwash not working, intensive wash not working and headlight wash not working.

Took out wheel arch liner and there's 2 pumps, the middle one (main windscreen) seems to be working fine (it buzzes) but the headlight washer pump is dead. Intensive washer motor in engine bay seems fine.

What I don't understand is why the main windscreen wash and intensive wash aren't working if the pumps are fine. Are they all connected some way ?

My only other thought is that there's a blockage somewhere that appeared at the same time the headlight wash pump packed up, or maybe the blockage caused the motor to pack up.

I'm going to order a headlight washer pump motor and give the washer bottle a flush. Any other thoughts or tips to diagnose would be great. I can only think of blockge or possibly a faulty non-return valve.


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