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A big thank you to Dom and Chris today for their outstanding workmanship and attention to detail, I booked my car in ( 2008 E90 330d 6MT ) for swirl flaps blank, egr delete and a remap.
Dom and Chris went over the car with a fine tooth comb before a base power run the car returned just near on 229bhp with 399 ft torque I didn't want to go to aggressive on the mapping so the guys did their stuff. End result 281BHP 488ft torque after the swirl flaps and egr removal and mapped out.

The car is like driving a different car!

Dom also changed out the main thermostats as one had some sort of cheap plastic weld fix activated some cool functions via coding, being along day 8 hours at the shop and 4 hours travel there and back., I'm going back next month booked with Chris for a major service.

These guys certainly know BMW! My drive home was surreal really like driving a different car dare I say savage! Fuel economy no different!

I'm going back with a friend of mine with his 63 reg x6 4.0d for mapping and servicing and Dom did say he can rewrite a more aggressive map if I feel the need! With traction flashing up on dry roads and coming from a M3 this thing is awesome.

I have a feeling once you have the bug a more aggressive map will be loaded up next month after the service.

Big thank you to all the guys and BW chip tuning anazing work. Treated the car like it was their own and I have owned BMW and mercs the last 25 years and wouldn't use anyone else.

If you haven't visited the guys for any work mapping or their expert knowledge Your missing a trick!

Thanks again Dom and Chris fantastic job!

Best wishes


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Your welcome and only to happy to of helped a true gentleman
I will pass on the message to my sons chris and Dom

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