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New member and first post so here goes.

I have a 1999 E38 740IL that when I ever so lightly touch the throttle it rev surges between 600rpm and 1200rpm until I remove my foot. I also noticed the internal lights dim a little when dropping as it does dip slightly under the 5-600 rpm which would explain this. Also there is a small random ticking sound from inside the engine (M62tub44) which I think is either the lifters as it does hardly any work or the Vanos where the guides have broken at the top of the Vanos (not timing chain guide issue). I have read somewhere that the timing chain can stretch and cause the timing in the Vanos to go out and this is why it rev hunts??

The engine has good service history, done 175000km not miles and no other issue than this resent issue I have noticed.

Anyway if anyone has had this issue and if it was anything other that MAF or Vacuum problems, I would luv to know what it ended up being.

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