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A customer of ours recently contacted us to give his Renault Laguna some shine! Those were his exact words!! :lol: The car did not need any major correction to be honest as it has been well looked after - washed and polished once a week and garaged daily so we thought of just a coat of Autobrite Cherry Glaze via DA and a coat of our new Paint Sealant "To Seal & Protect" would do the trick!

So "To Seal & Protect"

A hard coat Paint Sealant to seal your paint and protect it from elements and give it a excellent gloss finish and durable shine with just one spray! Easy peasy!

So here we are - The Pics!!

Firstly we degreased the engine bay, door shuts and bonnet with Jaffa Clean 3-1 (we love this product)!

Then we cleaned the wheels with Very Cherry Non Acid Wheel Cleaner 5-1

Snow Foamed and 2 bucket wash

Dried with the Autobrite Fluffy Drying Towel

De-Tar with Autobrite Just The Tonic Tar Remover

Clayed with Autobrite Berry Blast Detailer 10-1 and Autobrite Agressive Clay

Machined with Cherry Glaze and a soft 3M Waffle Blue Pad

Applied a coat of "To Seal & Protect" for the finish!

Tyres dressed with Autobrite Berry Blast Endurance Tyre Gel

All trims and engine bay dress and protected with Autobrite Vinyl Trim Bubblegum Protectant

Some more photos of "To Seal & Protect"

Regards Mark!:thumbsup​

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Hi and yes i agree, top job and yes how much would that also set me back? bmw 323 se 1999 saloon Blue

Regards from Brian
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