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Ok.. E46 318 2003 touring. Got a brand new keyfob.. Still a no goer. Went in for major servicing and was told the car battery was on its backside. (always started first time but hey ho).. New battery got, synced the key and worked first time.

Worked for about 2 weeks. Come out this morning and remote locking yet again not working ffs. Checked all the fuses including the ones under the bonnet just to the right underneath alankey cover.. All fuses ok. Lock car with key manually and cannot open petrol cap so thats that out the window with regards to fuses as I read on the forum somewhere that if you open your petrol flap its a fuse issue.

Only thing I can think of is that the key is not charging in the ignition. Any way around this?

Any help appreciated lads.:thumbsup
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