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Hi all.
I am an Audi man through and through, but, a friend was recently selling his black I bought it!
Without wishing to offend, there's not many BMWs that get my attention, but, there's something about the shape of this car (esp in pics where you can't see the boot!).
Don't get me wrong - there's a few BMWs that I love.....such as the original M3 ( late 80s one), the old 6 series and the New 8 series is v impressive! All of these vehicles are out of my budget!
Anyway, just thought I'd introduce myself and look forward to enjoying the V8 once a couple of 'niggles' have been sorted!
I'll ask this question on another thread, but, whilst I'm on here, can anyone recommend a diagnostic tool/software and a parts catalogue pls?
With my Audis I've used VAGcom (vcds) and ETKA.
Thanks in advance, Chris
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