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Have purchased Meyle, however who I purchased them from has turned into a nightmare. who have a name on Ebay called JD Motorsport, not to be confused with JD Motorsport in Carlisle who prep and run Rally cars. Rice rocket aka JD Motorsport Ltd are a supply only company. RiceRocketUk

Purchased 3 days ago, advert stated parts were in stock with delivery ETA of today/tomorrow, no comms and no acknowledgement of order so sent an email and 2 messages via Ebay and both ignored. Called the telephone number 3 days later to get a bit of an arsy sounding guy so I politely asked for an update on my items. They are not in stock and have been ordered from Meyle in Germany!

I don't often buy from ebay, I normally go either to BMW or to a parts supplier direct but was struggling to find a quality replacement and new OEM drives are seriously big money.

Now to sit and wait to see how long they actually take to arrive.
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