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Had the pleasure yesterday of performing an enhancement detail (1 step machine polish to remove swirls and enhance clarity) on this rare beast.
A sepia blue pearl individual BMW colour, supposedly only 1 of 2 in the country, the other being a coupe.
Full AC Schnitzer kit and every BMW extra box ticked by the original owner, standing it in around the £80,000 mark when new.

Not a big write up as time was against me, so limited pics.

Washing stage done in the usual manner with Megs range,
De-contamination with Tardis to wheels, paintwork and residue from ACS badge removal, clayed with Sonus green and Last touch,
Enhancement done via the rotary using a Megs polishing pad and #83,
Paintwork wiped down with IPA followed by Z Hd-cleanse applied using a mf applicator,
Trim and arches dressed with All seasons, tyres dressed with Blackfire gel,
Brightwork polished using Britemax metal duo and fine grade wirewool to exhaust areas,
[email protected] concours applied to all paintwork, Opti-seal to alloys throughout,
Glass cleaned throughout using SV crystal,
Interior given a tickle with the vac, carpets sealed using Nanolex fabric protectant, trim wiped down with apc and leather cleaned and fed with Z-9 & Z-10,
Hood protected using Nanolex fabric hood protectant,
Final wipedown with Z-8 and completed.


Some of the typical defects,

50/50 after polishing,

Completed panel, awesome colours,

Finished results, true to form the sun went in as soon as the camera was out for the final shots,

Thanks for looking and comments welcome as always.

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the brake discs have runs in them :p

superb work as always...that splitter is the nuts.what do you use on carbon fibre btw?
Thanks mate, most carbon is clearcoated so can be treated like paint, machined with a finishing polish, drop of paint cleanser and protected.:thumbsup

I hate taking the pics with the discs like that and I know it only takes a second to pull back and forward, but at the end of a long day you know how it is.:D
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