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Today's job had been booked in for a few weeks now, due to having the neighbours cat use the car as a climbing frame.

Set off this morning at 6:45 but got held up on the backroads due to a crash, this held me up a bit and I didn't arrive in Reading until 8:30.

Going to be a long hard day with lots to do and to top it off it was BMW paint.

On arrival the car wasn't too bad just the usual dirt from this time of the year.


Firstly I tackled the wheel with some AS smartwheels, I left this to work while I cleaned the door boot shuts with some g101 and a swissvax style brush, then back to the wheels also with a selection of brushes and the tyres and arches were cleaned with some g101.

Next up was to clean the engine aby, I pre soaked all the engine with some citrus de-greaser and then agitated with a brush and then rinsed on low pressure.

Next up was the pre wash stage to help loosen all the dirt, this was done by applying some citrus de-greaser to the lower and left for 5 mins before rinsing.

Then out with the snow foam bilt hamber again today and also left to dwell for around 5 mins before rinsing.

Then washed using 2bm and a Z sponge and some dodo shampoo, then rinsed and ready for claying.

Today was the sonus green clay again and LT as lube.


Then re rinsed and dried using my RV ultimate water guzzler and LT.

Out with the makita and megs 83/80 on a 3m pad, I was achieving 80-90 correction with 1 hit per panel and as I had lots too do that was that could be achieved in that time.

The car was then given a IPA wipedown and then again I choose for the clearkote vanilla moose hand glaze again applied panel at a time and then buffed.

This was topped with some CG 50/50 wax, I applied it to the whole car and then left to cure while I dressed the tyres with some espuma rd50 and the exhaust with megs nxt metal polish.

The wax was then buffed off and now onto the interior, this was fully hoovered and then all the plastics/deats cleaned using some g101 and then the leather conditioned with some sonus leather conditioner.

Finally the windows were cleaned while the owner was replacing the number plates for german ones with surrounds too.

A quick dresss of the engine bay and then a final spritz with some duragloss 951 left the car looking like this.


And heres a few with the standard number plates:

Total time taken was 8 1/2 hr
12hrs door/door and 1 pheasent down on the way home to.

Haven't checked the van for damage as its too dark but should be ok.

Thanks for looking and all comments welsome as per usual.

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