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Hey guys. I am new to this forum and to the E36 ownership. I have just bought a e36 touring 320i with the M52B20, and I can say the car is lovely, but since I like towing stuff like caravans/bigger trailers I would like to increase the overall power. I have read a few post on the forum and saw people telling everyone that swaping the complete engine with a 2.8 would be the cheapest and smarter idea, but since I am from Europe that is not that easy to achieve (if I want to swap the whole engine I would have to re-homologate the car, which is a really expensive process). I know stroking is also illegal, but it's much harder for the authorities to find out since the engine code is the same.

Anyway, coming to the subject, I know that the 2.5 and 2.8 have a bigger bore and bigger stroke, but I found out that boring the 2.0 is impossible due to the thin walls, so would it be possible to just put the crank shaft, rods and intake manifold from the 2.8 while keeping the stock pistons and call it a day? Or is that stupid and wrong?

Also, if I am missing something, please add some more information, I would love to learn more about this subject.

Thank you!
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