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Hi everybody

I have had my 316 for about 12 months now. When i bought it, it had 88k on the clock, it now has 103k on it. When i bought it it had a warped front disc so i changed the front brakes (pads & discs) soon after having the car, about 10 months ago. The car has done about 13k on its current front brakes and has warped a disc again i think (steering wheel judders under braking). I have also noticed a slight judder/vibration when driving normally, especially at motorway speed. Could a warped disc be causing this?

The car has just had new tyres all round and tracking done so i dont think the problem can be down to unbalanced wheels, tyres or a buckled wheel because this would have been spotted and rectified when the tyres were done. The problem was present before the tyres were done and since.

Furthermore, what could be causing the discs to warp? the car recently had new front bushes for its MOT so i suppose a previously unstable front end could have contributed to the problem. I notice the discs are large but unvented. Are there better discs available? For example do the 6 cyl models have vented/better discs? If so, than these be fitted to a 316 without modifying the front braking system? I only ask because i am currently doing about 15k miles per year (although 90%+ of this is motorway mileage) and i dont want to have to keep replacing front discs and pads because the discs are warping.

What can i do?
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