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We have added a variety of clearance products, with greatly reduced prices (some at trade price or less), to the clearance section in our online store. If you use the offer code “JUB” it will provide a further 15% off but only whilst stocks last!

Click here for our clearance products

We would also like to inform you that Archoil AR6300 is now in stock as well as most of the Motul range. We are continuing the offers on our other ranges too. Prices are already reduced and the offer code and multiple order discount built into our store reduces them further.

Archoil Products: 10% to 15% or 25% to 30%+ with the 15% offer code
Motul lubricants and fluids: 15% - 30% or 30% to 45%+ with the offer code
Red Line Products: 10% or 25%+
BG: 25-50% or 40% to 65%+
Pentosin OE lubricants and fluids: 20% or 35%+

If you order £80 or more then we'll deliver it for free via FedEx guaranteed next day service (UK mainland only) and supply you with a free Fluid Rx Oil & Fluid Test Kit. Please contact us for a reduced shipping quote if you require delivery outside of mainland UK.

You are still entitled to the multiple order discounts (a further 2 - 6%) if you order more than one of the same product - all fully automated in our online store. The offer code box can be found on the top right hand side column of the checkout page. Enter the code “JUB” and click on the redeem button and the discount will be applied.

All offers are valid until midnight Monday 11th June 2012 or whilst stocks last

Please use this thread to post any questions or requests for advice on any of our products. Alternatively, feel free to email or call us.

We will soon be releasing articles on the use of additives, the important chemistries and confusions concerning when additives should and shouldn’t be used. In other words, when they offer real value versus when they just become a waste of money.

We will also update you on the various test and R&D work we are engaged in. In particular an ongoing test we are sponsoring to chemically remove carbon from the inlet valves of FSI (direct point injection) engines without the need for an invasive strip down.

Best regards,
PE Team
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