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Hi All

Please let me start by saying that I know next to nothing about cars so if anyone can help, please help me by speaking in a language I can understand! Thanks for your understanding!

In April last year I bought a BMW 318 CI (Convertible). Whilst it had a lot of owners etc, the car drove fairly well up until about December of that year when unfortunately (and I believe commonly) the head gasket blew.

As opposed to fixing the head gasket, I was told by my garage that I should just buy a second hand engine. I did so and afterwards all was good until...

About a month in, the EML came on and I have since had to change the following:

New Clutch
New Engine Air Mass Meter
New Dual Mass Fly Wheel
New Sparks, Plugs, Coil Pack
New MAP Sensor
New Engine Breather

The EML light is now off however comes on periodically. I have now taken it to 3 different garages and they cannot work out what is wrong (one of which is a BMW specialist).

The real issue is twofold:

1) On start up, the car doesnt turn properly - if i put my foot on the accelator, it doesnt react and i have to try and start it two or three times before it actually starts
2) If you pull away from a junction or traffic lights etc - if I put my foot down, sometimes it will barely move. Once it gets going it is fine but still isnt right.

I am now pretty skint as I have spent just shy of £9000 and am desperate to sell.

Please if anyone can provide any help or you want to buy it (!!!!) i'd be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance guys.


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Similar symptoms for a camshaft sensor that needs replacing but I would get the fault codes read first
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