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I was intrigued to read on several forums that the infotainment system in my E90, 10 plate 320i can play DVD videos. Armed with a couple of DVDs I went to the car and inserted one into the drive. It started straight away and played all the intros, adverts and previews etc. then it got to the part where the various options, Language, Scene Selection, Play and so on, can be selected. Try as I might I cannot get it to select an option or to play the film.

I also copied an AVI format film from my laptop onto a blank DVD and tried that. The system informed me that it was an invalid format.

Is there any way to play commercially produced films or if not what video formats does the infotainment system recognise/play?

I have also read that it is possible to set up the system so that DVDs can be played whilst the vehicle is moving and this is something that my wife would like to use on long journeys. For the moment though we would just like her to be able to play a film whilst waiting for me in the car.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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