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As per my other post was told to post a list of what i need here:
BMW M3 E36

B13.53.1.715.685 Press Regulator x1
B13.53.1.718.362 Retainer x1
B13.53.1.718.361 Pipe Clamp x1
B13.31.1.403.416 Hose Kit x1
B13.53.1.720.251 o ring x1
B13.53.1.720.252 o ring x1
B13.53.1.401.558 Housing x1
B07.12.9.904.553 Nut x1
B13.90.1.403.010 Pipe x1
B61.66.1.368.598 Holder x1
B64.21.8.367,179 Pipe Clamp x1
B13.41.1.403.013 Hose x1
B13.41.1.733.090 Idle Valve x1
B64.21.8.367.179 Pipe clamp x2
B13.41.1.736.144 Rubber Mount x1
B13.41.1.401.660 Hose x1
B11.15.1.404.157 Hose x1
B07.12.9.952.104 Pipe Clamp x2
B11.15.1.401.217 Hose x1
B07.12.9.952.113 Pipe Clamp x1
B11.72.7.545.323 Hose x2
B11.61.1.312.737 Valve x1
C13531460414 Sleeve x2
B61.13.1.377.134 Cable Strap x5
B11.72.1.401.770 Holder x1
B18.30.7.565.082 Pipe Clip x1
B64.11.1.368.684 Hose x1
B12.14.1.722.928 Hose x1
B11.72.1.405.401 Hose x1
B64.21.8.367.179 Pipe Clamp x2
B11.52.1.712.058 Ventilation x1
B11.52.7.505.302 Fan Clutch x1
B12.31.1.713.143 Protect cover x1
B07.11.9.904.532 30038035/Hex Bolt x1
B11.28.7.835.130 washer x1

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