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Hi Folks,

After having a look into the various bluetooth handsfree kits going i think i've finally landed on the Parrot MKi9100 or 9200 model. Has anyone got one of these in theirs, and if so, where did you decide on placing the remote and screen? I dont want the remote fitting to the steering wheel as I dont want to keep catching / knocking it like I have read many people do. The obvious places to me for these would be either side of the steering wheel, but these are obstructed from view by the wheel itself so aren't ideal locations. Another option was to maybe have the screen positioned on the dash at the base of the windscreen pillar, but im not sure how this would look and still leaves me with the problem of positioning the remote. Any suggestions / pics?

Also, has anyone used the unika to link the kit to the OEM steering wheel controls? How effective is this and is it worthwhile installing?

Thanks for your help.
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