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I have a 4 series on PCP which I now can voluntarily terminate (VT). The best deal I can find to get a new BMW (3 series) with the Tech Pack, this time is with Vanarama on PCH, £2k less deposit and about £30 less per month than the dealership have quoted with the option to terminate should a life changing event occur eg redundancy, ill health to name but two. I have provisionally placed an order for this car which I can still cancel.

My options are;
  • I can VT and hand the car back but may have to pay for anything the inspection of the car finds. There is nothing wrong with it in my view, it's recently had a health check which only flagged windscreen wipers as an amber (£53 to replace which I declined), the tyres weren't flagged. There are no scratches that I can see and certainly no dents. I've never ended a PCP like this, just part exchanged for another car. I know the inspections are subject to guidelines and there is a pricing matrix but don't know how harsh or otherwise they can be.
  • Pay the settlement fee on my 4 series and sell it to the local dealership, subject to their inspection, for a £400 profit. The issue here is that I would have to sell my car at the point when my new car arrives at the end of the month and hope the offer quoted doesn't drop by much. I could also sell it via Motorway which gives a general guideline quote of £1k more than my local dealership, subject to inspection.

I am a bit disappointed there isn't much equity in the car - it has done just less than 21k miles and at this stage the future value was based on almost 29k miles. Apparently though an SE Coupe, unlike an M Sport, doesn't hold its value.

Has anyone had any recent experience with something like this?
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