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Afternoon everyone!
Thought I may as well do as the forum suggests and introduce myself here!

My name is Chris, I'm only 19 and from Alnwick area in Northumberland (Not far from Newcastle if some aren't familiar).

Apparently a bit of a car enthusiast as I'm currently on my 6th already ha! It all started when I got my first car, a Mauritius blue Saxo. I literally stripped it to the bare metal and cleaned it all up thoroughly.


Quickly moved onto something of more interest to you all - A '96 E36 Compact, sure it was only the 1.6l but loved it regardless! Had that for a good 7-8 month actually. I didn't care if it was old or seen as "Uncool" to people who didn't know the cars. The transformation in the carwhen I had the paintwork fully corrected was unbelievable! To be honest, if it was the coupe I'd never have sold it and most likely still have it today.

Anyways I ended up back with another Saxo as I thought I missed them. But I was in for a shock being used to the build quality of the BM!

So after bursting my bubble and realising I wasn't going to get that "Just passed" thrill again, I sold up and god knows how but ended up with a little Pug diesel? Funnily enough a cracking little car.
In the mean time I'd managed to secure a decent job as a site warden for a local holiday park, giving me plenty funds for my addiction - This is how I ended up with a gorgeous MK4 1.8T full R32 rep, tuned up to just over 200bhp as it only had the K03 turbo. I had this for a year and still wasn't sick of it! Though with me beginning to travel upwards of 80 miles per day I couldn't justify it anymore.

So after many weeks forcing myself to part with my pride and joy, I bit the bullet and sold it. This came at a good time as a black E46 facelift 320d M sport had just turned up at work abandoned - Apparently belonging to a woman who can't and doesn't drive as it was her ex boyfriends (Trust me I was confused too). Long story short I made an offer that wouldn't take her eyes out and left me getting a bargain too.


That's what has lead me here today. Wow do I love it! Such a lovely car, remembered why I loved BMW' in the first place. It's completely standard currently with only a chip. I'm focusing more on getting it fully serviced up to date, replacing bits that may fail, basically just the TLC it may or may not have had with me not knowing the owners history!
In the month I've had it I've had the oil and filters changed twice (It was like tar) to flush the system a bit, flew through it's MOT. Full inside/out detail but want either further swirl reduction or a full correction soon. Ordered up the vortex breather, inquired with intentions to book in for swirl flaps ASAP, and gathering the parts I need to clean the MAF and EGR valve, and in 5000 miles it's due a service so will find a local specialist to give it a full thorough going over.

Maintenance is key to me at the minute to bring the car up to a high standard and get it running and looking like new hopefully... Then que the mod's!

So after that long winded intro there's my history and I'll be seeing you around on the forum!

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