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just like to hi, to all you bmw owners, im from leicester

just got my self a e36 bmw m3 evo,
not much issues on at moment, slight rear paint work, shud be done tho with en next 2/3wks,
oil leak if i cant ever find out were its coming from

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Hi and welcome,

Have a read of the posting guide and feel free to post up in the E36 tech forum about your oil leak

A good tip to find it..

Is clean all underneath the engine with some old rags and get it as clean as you can.
Then if your outside, put a sheet of light coloured polythene or similiar under the engine area and use stones to weight the corners.

if its in a garage use sheets of newspaper.

Then report back with the findings.

ps// the American site isnt much use for your car, very few Euro M3s made it over there (compared to the number of inferior US ones!)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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