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Hey everyone
New member here 😅. BMW X1 2010 Xdrive
Here's a screenshot of some faults that came up when I exchanged the battery the other day (that went fine in the end). The Park Distance control has never worked (flashing green light on button). The stop start has never worked (hopefully would start working after new battery - but didnt after a 2 mile test) there anything to do that I can check its functionality? including the PDC?
Lastly, The code CF80 might have something to do with the transfer box? Does it need its fluid changed? There are no lights on the dash whatsoever and the car drives and performes well. The mileage is 80,000 miles (127.8km as indicated). Ive seen the steering angle issue previously on another BMW...can this be rectified easily? does it matter?
Let me know if you have useful information for fixes. I have access to ISTA D so easy to check things. 😊

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