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We've been working on our new website over the past month or so, and I am pleased to say we are now live

Its not completely finished, we are still working on the addressing etc and will be continually updated and evolving with new content and products.

We hope to have added to the site next week:
FEV fire extinguishers
Tarox Brake Kits, pads and disks
Pagid brake pads
Brembo pads/discs and Brake Kits
H&R ARB's and suspension kits

and the list for the following months looks just as exciting!

For us new products means new product testing which is always great fun!

Let us know you feedback on the site, as if we can make it better we will.


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One thing I noticed when you click on to see the full size image of the rose jointed top mounts the screen stays dark and its hard to make out the picture....Not sure if it happens for other parts yet...Yep it happens for other parts too :frown
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