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Hey everyone,

We recently bought an e87 120d. We had an e87 120i but the fuel consumption isn't great and neither is the road tax.

The car is a 2006 manufactured pre-LCI car which had one owner before we got it. It's done around 128k with pretty much full BMW service history. It's in black (sapphire black) and other than some superficial damage to the front bumper, bonnet and wing it needed the ABS sorting out.

It turned out to be the offside rear wheel speed sensor and reluctor ring (due to corrosion of the driveshaft the reluctor ring expanded and in turn this caused the sensor to get filed down.

The driveshaft nut was impossible to remove due to rust (it didn't even have the shape of the nut any more, just a round rusty blob).

Yourwrongcarparts (aka Eurocarparts) didn't help by sending a citroen rear wiper blade instead of a handbrake cable so we're still waiting on all the bits to put it back together and test it.

We need to sort out the interior: the steering wheel had damage where the previous owner had a ring so we had one releathered (check out the pic of what it looks like now: we have been brave and had it done with colorful stitching).
We still need to sort out the driver's seat as the bolster is worn on the driver's seat back. I hate taking seats apart and we have just done the seats on our caddy so my hands need some rest :)
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