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Hi guys,

I've owned a few BMW's over the past few years - but have never signed up to this forum - as I've always gone to the model specific forums!

My BMW history started off with an R plate E36 M3 Evo, about 4 years ago now - that was fun, however seemed to cost a fortune to run. Then baby number one came along so the M3 had to go to make way for an X3 3.0d M Sport Auto.... which is really torquey and pulls lovely, however now fancy a change so we are looking at 520D Touring or 320D/325D Touring's as a change... M Sport again.....

Also I've got half a share in a classic E30 325i white 4 door track day car :) which is awesome :)

Hopefully I'll be able to get useful info on E90's/E60's over the next few days to help me decide what to buy next :)

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