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Hi everyone i am trying to source a few new bits for my car that have a bit of wear n tear on them with out paying through the roof.

i need to find some good online retailers... new or excellent 2nd hand parts of the following.

1 -genuine bmw mats ( or very good alternative )
2 - the coin/phone storage compartment next to the handbrake (with the sliding cover top)
3 - a new gear knob (and how to get the old one off)
4 - a new sunglasses/storage compartment that is undeneath the climate control
5 - possibly new inside door covers/inserts if good price
6 - maybe even upgraded m3 or new leather seats?
7 - i have brushed metal interior...all is perfect except drivers inside door arm rest/ handle part ( dont know the correct name )

i have been searchin ebay and the internet but dont seem to be finding what i need? can any one help me with these parts or a place that can? thanks a lot in advance!

my car is in very good nick but it has a few marks n scratches inside that doing my bloody head in as i want it to be immaculate!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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