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Hi everyone,

Got a curious case with my 2001 320d. It's the 136 bhp model before I get into it...

I had left the car sitting for a few weeks and the battery went flat, so today I jumped the car and it started just fine. I didn't drive her but instead just left her idling to charge the battery and after about 30 minutes the engine simply cut out and now I just can't get her started again.

When I attempt to start her the ignition works (as do all the electronics) and she cranks over but never 'catches'. (I'm no mechanic so apologies for lack of technical terms).

I was worried that the battery might still be too flat but I've fully charged it with a charger. There's also plenty of fuel in the tank.

Does anyone know some possible causes? Please let me know if you need any further information.

Thanks in advance!

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