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Sorry for the lack of activity recently guys. is back up and running again and this time we have the complete range of BMW Coilovers uploaded!

Please see here:

Our massive range of springs are available upon request. Please contact [email protected] for a fast quote!

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We are proud to announce our new range of Coilovers.
The H9.2 Series now features black-chrome bodies and the H9.3 Series has Stainless-Steel.

H9.2 (new black-chrome bodies on the front units)

H9.3 (stainless-steel bodies on the front units)

Significant advantages of the LOWTEC HiLOW System compared to conventional Coilovers:

  • TUV Approved
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Great Look
  • Improved Handling
  • More performance due to a constant range of spring – at any lowering position
  • Wide range of height adjustment
  • Race technology at a reasonable price
  • Bespoke solutions available


For every H9.3 kit sold Lowtec will conduct a test run to see if the Spring/Absorber is in its target setting. This means, Lowtec test every Spring and Absorber separately to be sure that they match the settings they want to have.
With most kits on the market this is a very uncommon practise but is great for trackday and motorsport use where precision is very important.

The shocks and springs must be compatible. Sometimes you can have deviations of up to 25% off the target. Therefore Lowtec select the damper on the hardness.
The springs can also vary by up to 25%, so imagine you have a damper that is 25% too soft and a spring that is 25% too hard = 50% deviation from the target. This is not optimum performance.

But a 100% spring + 100% damping = 100% optimum suspension. This is why our Check&Tune service is so special.


The LOWTEC PowerCell™ system replaces the conventional gas fillings with special encapsulated gas cells. The gradual loss of gas that is known in standard shock absorbers, does not occur. The system proved extremely durable on the Lowtec sponsored Berg Cup cars and as a result was brought into production early this year on all Hilow Kits.
Another innovation from LOWTEC!

New Bodies In
Lowtec have been busy reworking the damper bodies on the 92 and 93 series Coilovers. 92's now come with a unique 'black chrome' coating for ultimate protection and looks. 93's feature the extremely desirable stainless-steel finish that is still relatively rare in this industry.

It's all in the detail
What makes Lowtec better than the rest? The 93 series now uses Fuchs Oil, NKN Gaskets and have stainless-steel bodies. All kits also come with the Lowtec PowerCell System! Who else has all that?

"Made One has the best service around. No other like it."
-Mac J

"The Lowtec kit looks awesome and is easily comparable to units costing double."
-Dave M

"Who needs kw's when Lowtec is here."
-Steven H

Drop me a PM or email ([email protected]) if you have any questions.


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Hi, they look exactlly what I am looking for:D:D

Have your units the TüV approved paperwork, so that I can fit them to my car? (e46 330ci cab M-Sport)

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