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Hi all. i have only a few posts up, super charged a 325ci done! and engine conversion from 316ti N42 compact to 525i m54 swap...
Now!! RIP my little M54b25 in my coupe is no more.. NOT super charged related!!!! must stress that.. I had that engine on the limit for a year solid she finally popped her gasket...OPPS !! . So have to mention ma buddy who has a passion for BM's as do i.. the Idea was genius!! SO here it is. take a 728i M52TU engine (far stronger than a 328,or 528 more torque) some may argue on that. but it is a better motor. The m52 tub engine is compatible with m54b.. all bolt patterns match..

M54 GEAR, IE, INLET MANI, DME, ALL WILL RUN ON Any TU ENGINE.. Yea that also means you can run a 323 2.5 on 320 2.2 running gear..
MY build is 728 m52tub twin vanous engine..dropped into my 325ci car.
useing my 325 m54b25 inlet manifold,de restricting the mighty 2.8 engine buy increase in mani air flow.
it runs awesome piles of torque, round 220 bhp with loads of extra tuning capabilities, ie large injectors. dyno,...
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