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So I plan on swapping M52B28 into my e34 and I wanted to do the M50 intake manifold conversion. What I noticed that part numbers for M50 manifold are the same for M50TUB25, M50TUB20 and M50B20. The only different number is for M50B25. So is the only reasonable option the M50B25 manifold?

Part number for M50B20/M50TUB20/25 manifold: 11611738940
Part number for M50B25 manifold: 11611735727

Part number for M50B20/M50TUB20 gasket: 11611720740
Part number for M50B25/M50TUB25 gasket: 11611717259

Soo swapping in the manifold ending with 940 is useless?
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